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Sep 08


Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, commonly referred to as iDEN, is a mobile communications technology, developed by Motorola, which provides its users the benefits of a trunked radio and a cellular telephone...Read more


Jul 09


xMax developed by xG Technology is a wireless communications technology whose developers claim is low power and provides a high data rate over a distance of about 13 miles..Read more


Mar 09


Z-Wave is the interoperable wireless communication standard developed by Danish company Zensys and the Z-Wave Alliance. It is designed for low-power and low-bandwidth appliances, such as home automation and sensor networks
Radio specifications..... Read more


Jan 09


Symfony is a web application framework for PHP5 projects.It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.... Read more


May 08


XPCOM similar to (Cross Platform Component Object Model) is a cross platform component modelCORBA or Microsoft COM. It has multiple language bindings and IDL descriptions so programmers can plug their custom functionality into the framework and connect it with other components... Read more


Nov 08


BL or eXtensible Bindings Language is used to declare the behavior and look of XUL widgets and XML elements.... Read more

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